By leveraging our immunology expertise, HCW is developing proprietary immunotherapy candidates to address chronic inflammation through inflammasome modulation and senescent cell clearance.


The HCW scientific approach is focused on developing innovative product candidates to address inflammasomes and senescence simultaneously. Multiple immunotherapeutic candidates have been developed and are being evaluated in relevant research models for their potential utilities for reducing inflammation and senescence.  These molecules are advancing through pre-clinical development to support the future clinical trials in aging-related diseases. 


Cellular senescence may also play a role in cancer recurrence and metastasis. The current standard of care treatment for cancer has improved survival rates for many patients, but the chances of recurrence remain high. Research suggests chemotherapy drugs can trigger senescence, termed “therapy-induced senescence,” promoting local and systemic inflammation and lead to tumor relapse and metastasis. To attenuate the tumor-promoting effects of senescent cells, HCW’s interventional strategy is aimed at reducing senescent cancer cells post-chemotherapy to maximize therapeutic efficacy and improve disease outcomes. Clinical trials for the treatment of hematologic and solid cancers with HCW’s lead molecules are planned for Q3 2020.